#20 God of Power, God of Right

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1. God of power, God of right,
Guide us with thy priesthood’s might.
Forge our souls in living fire;
Shape them to thy great desire.

2. God of wisdom, God of truth,
Take us in our eager youth;
Lift us step by step to thee
Thru an endless ministry.

3. God of mercy, God of love,
Let thy Spirit, like the dove,
Touch and humble, teach and bless,
As we serve in holiness.

Text: Wallace F. Bennett, 1898-1993. (c) 1948 IRI
Music: Tracy Y. Cannon, 1879-1961. (c) 1948 IRI

-History: (Source:Wikipedia)

Words By: Wallace F Bennett (1898-1993)

Bennett was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on November 13, 1898, the son of Rosetta (née Wallace) and John Foster Bennett.[1] He served as an infantry officer in World War I. He graduated from the University of Utah in 1919. He became a high school principal and then a paint manufacturer. He was first elected to the Senate in 1950, defeating 18-year incumbent Elbert D. Thomas. Bennett served four terms before retiring in 1974. He resigned shortly before the end of his final term, and his already elected successor, Republican Jake Garn, was appointed to fill his seat.

Bennett lived to see his son Bob elected to his former Senate seat when Garn retired in 1992. Bennett died on December 19, 1993 in Salt Lake City.

Bennett was also a hymnwriter. He wrote the words to God of Power, God of Right which is hymn #20 in the 1985 Latter-day Saints Hymnal.

Music By: Tracy Y Cannon (1879-1961)

Cannon was born in Salt Lake CityUtah Territory. He was the son George Q. Cannon and his wife Caroline Young.

Cannon joined the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at the age of 15.[1] Cannon became the director of the Cannon Ward choir at age 16. He studied piano composition under John J. McClellan. He later studied in Ann ArborMichiganBerlinParisNew York City, and Chicago. He received an honorary Master of Music degree from the Chicago Music College in 1930.[1]