#9 Come, Rejoice

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1. Come, rejoice, the King of glory
Speaks to earth again.
Gladsome words ring out from heaven,
Joyous, wondrous strain.
Truth bursts forth in radiant light,
Showing all the path of right.

Shout hosanna to his name;
One and all his might proclaim.

2. Angels, messengers from heaven,
Come to earth once more;
Bring to men the glorious gospel;
Priceless truths restore.
Let all hear who live today!
This is life, the truth, the way.

3. Great, oh, great is Christ our Savior.
None can stay his hand.
Now he brings to us salvation,
Cheering ev’ry land.
Sing, rejoice, the King of love
Speaks to earth from heav’n above.

Text and music: Tracy Y. Cannon, 1879-1961, adapted (c) 1948 IRI.


Words and Music By: Tracy Y Cannon

Cannon was born in Salt Lake CityUtah Territory. He was the son George Q. Cannon and his wife Caroline Young.

Cannon joined the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at the age of 15.[1] Cannon became the director of the Cannon Ward choir at age 16. He studied piano composition under John J. McClellan. He later studied in Ann ArborMichiganBerlinParisNew York City, and Chicago. He received an honorary Master of Music degree from the Chicago Music College in 1930.[1]