#119 Come, We That Love the Lord

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1. Come, we that love the Lord,
And let our joys be known.
Join in a song with sweet accord,
And worship at his throne.

2. Let those refuse to sing
Who never knew our God,
But servants of the heav’nly King
May speak their joys abroad.

3. The God who rules on high
And all the earth surveys–
Who rides upon the stormy sky
And calms the roaring seas–

4. This mighty God is ours,
Our Father and our Love.
He will send down his heav’nly pow’rs
To carry us above.

Text: Isaac Watts, 1674-1748
Music: Aaron Williams, 1731-1776

-History: (Source: Wikipedia)

Written By: Isaac Watts

Isaac Watts (17 July 1674 – 25 November 1748), was an English hymn-writer, theologian and logician. He was recognised as the “Father of English Hymnody“, as he was the first prolific and popular English hymnwriter, credited with some 750 hymns. Many of his hymns remain in active use today and have been translated into many languages.

Some of Watts’ hymns are:

Many of his hymns are included in the Methodist hymn book Hymns and Psalms. Many of his texts are also used in the American hymnal The Sacred Harp, using what is known as theshape note singing technique.

Music By: Aaron Williams