#151 We Meet, Dear Lord

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1. We meet, dear Lord, in meekness all,
Responding to thy Sabbath call
To gather here in thy blest name,
And pledge our faithfulness again.

2. Thy counsels true we love to hear,
And feel thy Spirit’s presence near,
As we with friends our voices raise
In prayer and songs of joyous praise.

3. In oneness and in love we come
Once more to this our Sabbath home,
Rejoicing in thy welcome here,
Unto this place of peace and prayer.

Text: Vernald W. Johns, 1902-1999. (c) 1985 IRI
Music: Laurence M. Yorgason, b. 1937. (c) 1985 IRI


Written By: Vernald W. Johns

Music By: Laurence M. Yorgason