#225 We Are Marching On to Glory

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1. We are marching on to glory;
We are working for our crown.
We will make our armor brighter
And never lay it down.

We are marching, marching homeward
To that bright land afar.
We work for life eternal;
It is our guiding star.

2. Then day by day we are marching;
To heaven we are bound.
Each good act brings us nearer
That home where we’ll be crowned.

3. Then, with the ransomed children
That throng the starry throne,
We will praise our Lord and Savior,
His pow’r and mercy own.

Text and music: John M. Chamberlain, 1844-1928

-History: (Source: Wikipedia)

Written By: John M. Chamberlain

Music By: John M. Chamberlain

John Marvin Chamberlain (May 27, 1844 – 1928) was an English born composer of hymns, as well as a pianist and music store owner. His most widely sung hymn is “We Are Marching On to Glory”.

Chamberlain was born in Leicester, England. His parents were Latter-day Saints and in 1852 they left England to go to Utah. They sailed to New Orleans, then went up-river to Florence, Nebraska and then crossed the plains to Salt Lake City.

Chamberlain was a carpenter early in life but later became a musician. He was a partner in various music firms before founding Chamberlain Music Company. Chamberlain married Louise M. E. Rawlings in the Manti Temple. They were both members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for many years. He had also served as an organist in the “Old” Tabernacle before the current one was built in the 1860s.

Chamberlain also served in the leadership of the Sunday School and as choir director in the 8th Ward in Salt Lake City.

Besides “We Are Marching On to Glory” originally titled “Marching Homeward”, Chamberlain also wrote such hymns as “When Jesus Shall Come in His Glory” and “A Sunday School Call”.