#255 Carry On

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1. Firm as the mountains around us,
Stalwart and brave we stand
On the rock our fathers planted
For us in this goodly land–
The rock of honor and virtue,
Of faith in the living God.
They raised his banner triumphant–
Over the desert sod.

And we hear the desert singing:
Carry on, carry on, carry on!
Hills and vales and mountains ringing:
Carry on, carry on, carry on!
Holding aloft our colors,
We march in the glorious dawn.
O youth of the noble birthright,
Carry on, carry on, carry on!

2. We’ll build on the rock they planted
A palace to the King.
Into its shining corridors,
Our songs of praise we’ll bring,
For the heritage they left us,
Not of gold or of worldly wealth,
But a blessing everlasting
Of love and joy and health.


Text: Ruth May Fox, 1853-1958. (c) 1948 IRI
Music: Alfred M. Durham, 1872-1957. (c) 1948 IRI

-History: (Source: Wikipedia)

Written By: Ruth May Fox

Ruth May Fox (November 16, 1853 – April 12, 1958) was a nineteenth century English-born women’s rights activist in the Territory of Utah. Fox was a poet, hymn writer, and a leader of youth in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).

Music By: Alfred M. Durham