#41 Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise

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1. Let Zion in her beauty rise;
Her light begins to shine.
Ere long her King will rend the skies,
Majestic and divine,
The gospel spreading thru the land,
A people to prepare
To meet the Lord and Enoch’s band
Triumphant in the air.

2. Ye heralds, sound the golden trump
To earth’s remotest bound.
Go spread the news from pole to pole
In all the nations round:
That Jesus in the clouds above,
With hosts of angels too,
Will soon appear, his Saints to save,
His enemies subdue.

3. That glorious rest will then commence
Which prophets did foretell,
When Saints will reign with Christ on earth,
And in his presence dwell
A thousand years, oh, glorious day!
Dear Lord, prepare my heart
To stand with thee on Zion’s mount
And nevermore to part.

Text: Edward Partridge, 1793-1840. Included in the first LDS hymnbook, 1835.
Music: Anon., Württemberg, Germany, ca. 1784

-History: (Source: Wikipedia)

Written By: Edward Partridge

Edward Partridge (August 27, 1793 – May 27, 1840) was the grandson of Massachusetts Congressman Oliver Partridge, Esq., and a member of a family noted for commercial, social, political, and military leadership in Western Massachusetts. One of the first converts to the Latter Day Saint movement, he was baptized in or near Seneca Lake, New York on December 11, 1830. Partridge was the first to hold the prominent position of Bishop and Presiding Bishop. Partridge expended much of his wealth in support of the movement before he died in late May, 1840 at NauvooIllinois. Joseph Smith noted that day Partridge’s death could be attributed to the stress and persecution which he and other Mormon settlers in western Missouri were subjected to in the 1830s.[1]

Music By: Anonymous