#58 Come, Ye Children of the Lord

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1. Come, ye children of the Lord,
Let us sing with one accord.
Let us raise a joyful strain
To our Lord who soon will reign
On this earth when it shall be
Cleansed from all iniquity,
When all men from sin will cease,
And will live in love and peace.

2. Oh, how joyful it will be
When our Savior we shall see!
When in splendor he’ll descend,
Then all wickedness will end.
Oh, what songs we then will sing
To our Savior, Lord, and King!
Oh, what love will then bear sway
When our fears shall flee away!

3. All arrayed in spotless white,
We will dwell ‘mid truth and light.
We will sing the songs of praise;
We will shout in joyous lays.
Earth shall then be cleansed from sin.
Ev’ry living thing therein
Shall in love and beauty dwell;
Then with joy each heart will swell.

Text: James H. Wallis, 1861-1940
Music: Spanish melody; arr. by Benjamin Carr, 1768-1831

-History: (Source: Wikipedia)

James H. Wallis (1861–1940) was a Latter-day Saint hymnwriter, editor and Patriarch. He was the author of the hymn “Come Ye Children of The Lord”.

Wallis was born in April, 1861 in London, England. His parents were James Wallis and the former Jane Sarah Booth. Wallis joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) in 1877 and immigrated to the United States in 1881, settling in Utah Territory.

Wallis was involved in printing and publishing. He was trained while working on the Millennial Star under William L. Davies.[1] In Vol. 95, no. 20 of the Star Wallis published an article on the history of the magazine entitled “The Star and Its Prophesied Headquarters”. At that point he was serving as the associate editor of the magazine.[2]

In 1917 Wallis became the editor of the Vernal Express in Vernal, Utah. Wallis bought this paper in 1921. His son William B. Wallis, his grandson Jack R. Wallis and his great-grandson Steven R. Wallis continued running the paper until Steven’s death in 2007.[3] Prior to coming to Vernal, Wallis had served as editor of the paper that by 1914 was entitled the Paris Postbeing published in Paris, Idaho.[4] In total Wallis was editor or publisher of 22 different papers at various locations in Utah and Idaho.[5]

In 1927, Wallis became the bishop of the LDS Church’s Vernal 1st Ward. While in this position he oversaw the construction of a chapel for the ward. In 1931, Wallis was called as traveling patriarch for the British Mission, and was the first patriarch authorized to give patriarchal blessings in Britain since the 1840s, when Peter Melling and John Albertson had been serving as patriarchs. While in England, Wallis gave approximately 1300 patriarchal blessings. He finished this assignment in 1933 and returned to the United States. He then served as patriarch of the Emigration Stake on the east side of Salt Lake City until his death in 1940. In 1934 Wallis fulfilled a six month assignment to go to the Canadian Mission, headquartered in Toronto, and give patriarchal blessings to the members living in that mission’s boundaries.

Wallis wrote several poems, many of which were published in 1883.