#71 With Songs of Praise

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1. With songs of praise and gratitude
We worship God above,
In words and music give our thanks
For his redeeming love.

Then come before God’s presence!
With singing worship him!
Express the heart too full to speak,
In one exultant hymn.

2. The Lord has said a heartfelt song
By righteous ones is prayer;
A hymn unites us and invites
The Spirit to be there.

3. In former days glad hymns were sung
By seed of Abraham;
The Saints shall sing, when Christ shall come,
The new song of the Lamb.

Text: Penelope Moody Allen, b. 1939. (c) 1985 IRI
Music: Newel Kay Brown, b. 1932. (c) 1985 IRI

-History:(Source: Wikipedia)

Written By: Penelope Moody Allen

Music By: Newel Kay Brown

Penelope “Penny” Moody Allen (born 1939) is a Latter-day Saint poet and hymnwriter. She is at times referred to as just Penny Allen.

Many of her writings have been made as hymns set for children. Some of these have been published by The Friend.[1]

Among the works by Allen in the current English language version of the LDS hymnal is “Let The Holy Spirit Guide”.